2021 Living Room Trends

11th Mar 2021

Much of this past year has instilled a profound affection for our living spaces. The world population has become cognizant that home is more than just a roof over our heads – it’s a place that should … read more

Refreshing with Motion Furniture

22nd Jan 2021

Break out the champagne, open up your laptop, and celebrate the new year with a design revamp. As you flip through digital catalogs and create virtual mood boards, consider refreshing your home … read more

Not Your Father's Recliner

12th Nov 2020

The days of bulky, overstuffed, ugly recliners are over. A new breed of focal-point-worthy recliner chairs are here, and they're taking over. If you're as obsessed with design as we are, here's what t … read more

Blurring the Walls between Spaces

10th Sep 2020

With more and more people working from home than ever, the boundaries between your space for work and rest are blurring. Utilizing an area of your house in more ways than one requires a bit of flex … read more