More Ways to Customize: Introducing New Fabrics and Leathers

12th Jan 2021

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    This fall, we released four new types of fabrics and leathers in an assortment of exquisite colors. These exciting new collections are crafted with unique construction to achieve distinctive textures. Have you seen them? If not, allow us to introduce you to these luxurious covers available in our current and newly released American Leather frames.

    Introducing Cottswald

    If you like suede or velvet, you’ll love our new Cottswald leather. Cottswald is a top-grain Nubuck leather sanded down to small raised leather fibers to create a unique velvety surface and appearance. This Italian native leather is tanned on fine European hides and exudes sophistication and elegance that’s smooth to the touch. The buffing effect creates a soft, fuzzy nap that draws in light and creates a soft glow. It’s more durable than traditional suede and further protected with a water repellent treatment applied during the tanning process. The Cottswald’s resistance to wear makes it one of the best leathers for furniture upholstery and perfect for your new custom creation. 

    The Cottswald is Available in 3 Colors (Grey, Jade, Pebble Taupe)

    Introducing Ellis

    Our newest introduction to leather is our Ellis collection. This 100% top-grain Italian leather creates a soft surface that showcases the inherent characteristics of each hide. Since no hide is exactly alike, each Ellis leather takes on a distinct aesthetic of rich and rugged elegance. The rich pull-up leather features a wax finish that provides depths of color to peek through the leather once upholstered to your selected frame. These subtle variations in color tones enhance the Ellis design. Create an eye-catching visual on your furniture upholstery with an Ellis leather that ages like fine wine.

    If you’re familiar with our Mont Blanc leather, you may be questioning how the new Ellis leather compares. While they are similar, a few key differences can help you distinguish between these collections. If you prefer a thicker leather, look to the Ellis as it has a thicker cut of leather than Mont Blanc. The most significant difference between these collections is the finish. Mont Blanc has a high sheen that gives the leather a glossy appearance, while the Ellis has a sleek matte finish. The natural beauty of Ellis peeks through the dye a little more than Mont Blanc. The high saturation of color on Mont Blanc leather can sometimes hide the unique and beautiful imperfections found in the leather.

    The Ellis is Available in 5 Colors (Top:Grey, Cypress, Gravel, Bottom:Chocolate, Horizon)

    Whether you prefer a matte finished authentic full-grain leather or a velvety finished Nubuck, both collections are an elegant choice for furniture upholstery. Browse the Cottswald collection for bright and vibrant tones designed to complement its unique texture or select from a range of rich and decadent colors offered in the Ellis collection.

    Introducing Berber

    If you’re looking for a new fabric to cozy up to this winter, look no further than our new Berber collection. Woven from a thick and luxurious European boucle yarn, Berber is expertly constructed using a twisting technique to provide exceptional depth and texture to your interior design. As a final step, the fabric goes through a stone-washing process to achieve a sophisticated aged appearance like your favorite vintage tweed jacket. Select from our assortment of classically chic neutrals and vivacious options in eye-catching sage and oxblood. Snuggle up in fabric that feels as warm and cozy as it looks. 

    The Berber is Available in 5 Colors (Top: beige, charcoal, grey, Bottom: oxblood, sage)

    Introducing Jettie

    Our final material addition is our Jettie collection. Made from a stylish chenille yarn, Jettie instantly makes any sofa or sectional feel luxurious. It’s known for its distinct fuzzy texture reminiscent of a caterpillar, and similar to a caterpillar’s metamorphosis, it can gracefully transform any space. The dynamic construction creates a unique pattern with its intricately woven design. The soft, textured surface available in an earth tone color palette makes it the perfect furniture upholstery fabric to complement any room.

    The Jettie is Available in 3 Colors (beige, charcoal, sage)

    We’ve carefully hand-picked each new introduction to fabrics to ensure we provide you with quality and stylish textiles for you to enjoy in your home. Sourced from the finest European origins and professionally dyed in rich, vibrant hues to bring a dynamic design and fresh start to the new year. Enjoy sipping on a hot cranberry holiday beverage on your oxblood Berber or unwind on the fuzzy Jettie texture in a relaxing hue of sage.

    Can’t decide? Request a free swatch and experience the luxurious tones and textures of Cottswald, Ellis, Berber, and Jettie for yourself.