How to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture in Your Home

11th Jul 2019

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6 Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Furniture and Your Home

Crazy about dogs or cats? Most of us are, but when it comes to our furry friends — hair can end up everywhere. The floor, sofa, blankets, chairs—you name it, if it’s in your home then there’s a good chance that it’s covered in fur. It can seem like a never ending battle, but we’re here to help. Here are six ways to remove pet hair from furniture in your home.

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Rubber Gloves Work Miracles on Upholstered Furniture

It may not be the first thing you think of when trying to get pet hair off of your furniture, but simple rubber gloves that you can find at any grocery store work wonders when removing pet hair from your furniture. Simply put the rubber gloves on and go over the areas with pet hair.

To make the process even easier, fill your sink with water before getting started. Once you’re finished, simply dip your hands in the water. The fur will come off of the gloves and float to the top—allowing for a super easy clean up.

Dryer Sheets Have Hidden Talents

Aside from smelling amazing and keeping clothes soft, dryer sheets are the perfect hack for removing pet hair from furniture. The best part? All you need to do is rub the dryer sheets on your furniture, floor, and even hard to reach places. Not only is it an incredibly easy way to clean up pet hair, it also leaves your furniture smelling like fresh laundry.

Lint Rollers for the Win

Lint rollers are great for a quick way to keep clothes looking fresh before heading out. They are also equally as great at getting pet hair off of your leather sofas and other pieces of furniture. The process, as you can imagine, is self-explanatory. Simply use the lint roller on your furniture, the same way you use it on your clothes.

Vacuum Attachments

It’s time to get out (or invest in) some vacuum attachments. There are several affordable attachments that were created specifically for removing pet hair from furniture. The hose attachment that comes standard on most vacuums is also great at getting the job done.

Another thing to consider for hard wood floors is a robotic vacuum. It can sweep during the day when you are not home, making your portion of the work much more manageable without having to worry about constantly sweeping and mopping.

Let’s Talk Leather

If you’re in the market for a new sofa or furniture and have furry friends at home, then buying leather will make your life much easier. When many people think of leather furniture, they think the upkeep is too much or that it’s not a good option for homes with pets.

The truth is—leather is the original performance fabric and one of the most durable options available. The best part for pet owners? Fur doesn’t attach itself to leather the same way it does to fabric—making pet hair cleanup much more manageable. You’ll never find yourself wondering how to remove pet hair from a leather sofa.

When selecting a leather that’s best for your home, look at the protection level. For example, ElmoSoft, which is found in the American Leather line, is one of the best performance options available. It’s so durable that it’s often a top choice for hotel lobbies and other high traffic areas, and it’s just as soft as it is long-lasting.

Grooming and Diet

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Grooming and diet are two keys to make life a little easier when it comes to shedding. Regularly brushing your pet and taking them to a groomer every couple of months will help reduce the amount of hair that ends up in your home. Diet is also key when it comes to keeping your furry friends coat healthy and helps reduce shedding. 

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