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Rooted in American heritage, AL stands as a symbol of uncompromising quality, timeless design, and a dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. From our motion sofas to our stationary chairs, each meticulously crafted piece tells a story of excellence and comfort, leaving a lasting legacy of unparalleled artistry. Learn more about our products and materials so you can pick the perfect American Leather piece for your space.

Furniture 101
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Sofa Arm Styles Types of Sofas How to Clean Your Sofa
Find the perfect sofa arm for your style and your space. The classics, explained. Get the most out of your sofa with proper maintenance and care.

Learn About Leather
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Choosing the Right Leather Types of Leather How Our Leather is Made
Find the perfect leather for your lifestyle and your space. Discover the different grains, types, and which choice is the best for your space. Learn more about our sustainably-sourced, artisan-crafted leathers.

Learn About Fabric
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Fabric Care Types of Fabric Fabric Rub Tests
Get the most out of your AL furniture by taking care of it from the start. Discover which fabric will work best for your space and lifestyle. Determine the quality and longevity of various fabrics.

Technical Resources
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Schematics Warranty Information Product Catalogs