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At American Leather, we believe that a covering is much more than something that you choose for a new piece of furniture. It’s a reflection of style, life, and your home rolled into one. We search the globe to bring the most fashionable, durable, and beautiful leathers and fabrics to our customers. A wide array of color and texture options ensure that we have the perfect solution for every home.





Every frame we make is available in premium quality, top grain leather. Our magnificent hides are carefully selected from the top 10% worldwide. Find the color you love and the type of leather that fits your lifestyle: Light Protection, Medium Protection, or Heavy Protection.

  • Light Protection

    The softest and most supple of our leathers, these exceptionally natural, full top-grain, full-aniline hides often have “character marks” on the surface, giving each its own unique look and feel. They age beautifully and develop a soft patina over time. Like many of the finer things in life, these light protection leathers require moderate attention to maintain their beauty over time.

  • Medium Protection

    It's not too little. It’s not too much. Medium protection is just right for comfortable living. These leather hides are among the best in the world, and because of their surface coat, there’s a little more protection for all the things life throws your way.

  • Heavy Protection

    These leathers are exceptionally versatile and offer the most protection from life’s everyday mishaps. Excellent for families with children and pets, the heavily pigmented finish coat serves as a barrier to spills, stains, and fading. We feature several options in this category, depending on your lifestyle needs and décor preferences.




WE’ve circled the globe to bring you fabrics with beauty, sophistication and character

From the finest Turkish yarns to traditional Old World European craftsmanship, from world-renowned Toray Ultrasuede to super-fine baby Alpaca wool, these fabrics resonate with warmth, comfort and luxury. See – and experience for yourself.


    Founded on the belief that textiles should be functional, exceptionally beautiful, and soft to the touch. Sunbrella® is easy to maintain and retains its beauty for years with simple soap-and-water cleaning.


    Ultrasuede® has been one of the leading makers of brilliant, beautiful textiles. For over twenty years, their selection of non-woven microfiber has been used on furniture, luxury automobile upholstery, footwear, and more. Sort through the colors on the right to find your perfect match.


    What good is a beautiful living room if you're too worried about spills and stains to really enjoy your space? From markers to wine spills, Crypton Home Fabric’s proven performance technology gives your home both style and functionality. Soft, durable, and resistant to both stains and odors, Crypton Home Fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors.

Upholstery Care & Cleaning

Leather will last for decades with the proper care and cleaning. In addition to this guide, refer to the care instructions that are provided with your furniture.

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