Our Leather

Our Leather

Every frame we make is available in premium quality, top grain leather. Our magnificent hides are carefully selected from the top 10% worldwide. Find the color you love and the type of leather that fits your lifestyle: Light Protection, Medium Protection, or Heavy Protection.


  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft blue

    Elmosoft Blue

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft blueberry

    Elmosoft Blueberry

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft almond

    Elmosoft Almond

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft absinthe

    Elmosoft Absinthe

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft verdant green

    Elmosoft Verdant Green

  • ellis grey

    Ellis Grey

  • ellis horizon

    Ellis Horizon

  • ellis gravel

    Ellis Gravel

  • ellis cypress

    Ellis Cypress

  • ellis chocolate

    Ellis Chocolate

  • cottswald pebble taupe

    Cottswald Pebble Taupe

  • mont blanc baltic

    Mont Blanc Baltic

  • mont blanc winter pine

    Mont Blanc Winter Pine

  • mont blanc sugar cookie

    Mont Blanc Sugar Cookie

  • mont blanc smoke

    Mont Blanc Smoke

  • mont blanc smore

    Mont Blanc S More

  • mont blanc portobello

    Mont Blanc Portobello

  • mont blanc mountain spring

    Mont Blanc Mountain Spring

  • mont blanc marina

    Mont Blanc Marina

  • mont blanc limestone

    Mont Blanc Limestone

  • mont blanc lager

    Mont Blanc Lager

  • mont blanc java

    Mont Blanc Java

  • mont blanc granite

    Mont Blanc Granite

  • mont blanc garnet

    Mont Blanc Garnet

  • mont blanc fern

    Mont Blanc Fern

  • mont blanc evergreen

    Mont Blanc Evergreen

  • mont blanc cognac

    Mont Blanc Cognac

  • mont blanc clamshell

    Mont Blanc Clamshell

  • mont blanc cigar

    Mont Blanc Cigar

  • mont blanc caramel

    Mont Blanc Caramel

  • mont blanc adriatic

    Mont Blanc Adriatic

  • haven heritage truffle

    Haven Heritage Truffle

  • haven heritage smoke

    Haven Heritage Smoke

  • haven heritage molasses

    Haven Heritage Molasses

  • haven heritage champagne

    Haven Heritage Champagne

  • haven heritage butterscotch

    Haven Heritage Butterscotch

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft tahitian pearl

    Elmosoft Tahitian Pearl

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft everest

    Elmosoft Everest

  • Contract Approved

    elmosoft black hills

    Elmosoft Black Hills

  • Contract Approved

    capri white

    Capri White