Introducing the Barefooted Designer

1st Jan 2020

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Introducing our newest contributor, Amy,  the Barefooted Designer. Amy came to us with with a slurry of ideas, inspiration, and most notably, a whole lot of zhush. Amy has been in the home products industry for years, and has a wealth of expertise from Color Theory to Interior Design and every home-topic imaginable. 

To say she is a bit of a furniture junkie would be an understatement. She has had the privilege of directing several product lines from  Surya, Rowe, and our very own American Leather. After a short hiatus, she's back in action guiding our 

She is obsessed with the details of making your home into an alluring nest.

Currently, Amy is the CEO of Creating Inspired Design and consults with both manufacturers and retailers alike on how to ignite the pulse of today's consumers. 

"As a young girl, I secretly wished that I had super powers; not the usual Wonder Woman kind. I wanted to be able to paint walls, do tile work, remove walls, and change fabric – all with a blink of an eye.
Many years later, I've been blessed with being part of teams that share my desire through our creations."

We are thrilled to have Amy as part of our creative crew and know you will love the incredibly inspired wisdom she has to dispense on all of us. 

Make it interesting and you'll never need perfect.

Amy Archer, the Barefooted Designer