Sustainable Success – Choosing EcoFriendly Furniture

24th Apr 2019

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Go green. Choose sustainable. We hear these phrases all of the time, but what exactly does it mean? We know it can be overwhelming (to say the least) when shopping for eco-friendly furniture. 

There are so many manufacturers promising green, sustainable, eco-friendly products for your home. The terms suggest a level of environmental responsibility, but there is no concrete definition to explain how. If you are in the market for eco-friendly furniture and other home goods, you need to know what to look for. 


American Leather is a founding member of the  Sustainable Furnishings Council. The goal of the council is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability. The SFC helps companies adopt eco-friendly practices. This certification assures customers that they are supporting businesses that operate sustainably. 


American Leather hides are dyed using water-based pigments, and we offer environmentally friendly leathers. This helps prevent toxic materials form entering the home and atmosphere. Additionally, our leather scraps are recycled and used to produce small leather goods and tennis shoes


Our wood frames are harvested from sustainable forests and are precision-engineered to create as little scrap as possible — any additional scrap is recycled as fill for pet bedding. We take special care down to the glue—all water based and chemical free. 


Between the wood frames and masterful upholstery are our state-of-the-art cushions—you guessed it, they're recyclable too. We use a high-resiliency foam that helps prevents ozone depletion. 


Our partnership with American Forest has helped replant our forests since 2014. To date, our efforts have resulted in planting over 19,000 trees.