Natural Walnut

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

A natural walnut wood finish refers to a treatment applied to walnut wood that enhances its inherent beauty without significantly altering its original color or grain pattern. This finish usually provides a protective layer, often with a subtle sheen, which highlights the wood's deep, rich tones and intricate grain. The natural walnut finish showcases the wood's unique character, allowing its dark, chocolatey hues interspersed with lighter streaks and swirls to shine through. It's favored for its ability to offer both protection and a timeless, elegant appearance.

Available on select stationary product with wood base, Re-Invented Recliner wood frames, Comfort Recliner wood legs and swivel bases, Comfort Air & Echo 4 star & disc bases, Comfort Relax bases, and Style & Motion M-series console wood tops.

Please note that due to the natural characteristics of wood, each piece may vary slightly in appearance. Our wood finishes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while providing protection. However, variations in color, grain pattern, and texture are inherent to all wood products and are considered part of the unique charm of natural wood.


  • Available on
    Stationary product with wood base
  • Available on
    Re-Invented Recliner wood frames
  • Available on
    Comfort Recliner wood legs and swivel bases
  • Available on
    Comfort Air & Echo 4 star & disc bases
  • Available on
    Comfort Relax bases
  • Available on
    Style & Motion M-series console wood tops