Milo- Small Scale

Small Scale

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Alpaca Wool Cream
Ribbed Chenille Cream
Classic Chenille Charcoal
Hero Charcoal
Plush Couture  Charcoal
Sonata Charcoal
Vintage Belgian Charcoal
Epic Crimson
Legato Crimson
Nuance Crimson
Hero Crimson
Turkish Blend Cream
Plush Couture Crimson
Epic Tangerine
Nuance Tangerine
Quantum Tangerine
Hero Tangerine
Plush Couture Tangerine
Epic Citron
Nuance Citron
Omni Citron
Quantum Citron
Classic Chenille Cream
Hero Citron
Tonic Citron
Plush Couture Sky
Nuance Indigo
Omni Indigo
Yoli Indigo
Plush Couture Indigo
Flat Woven Cream
Hero Cream
Plush Couture Cream
Tonic Cream
Vintage Belgian Cream
Plush Couture White
Alpaca Wool Beige
Epic Cream
Legato Beige
Toray Ultrasuede® Beige
European Woven Beige
Flat Woven Beige
Italian Classic Beige
Ribbed Chenille Beige
Turkish Blend Beige
Classic Chenille Beige
Plush Couture Beige
Mystic Cream
Vintage Belgian Beige
Alpaca Wool Sand
Radiant Sand
European Woven Sand
Italian Classic Sand
Ribbed Chenille Sand
Turkish Blend Sand
Classic Chenille Sand
Radiant Cream
Flat Woven Sand
Plush Couture Sand
Sonata Sand
Turkish Blend Brown
Vintage Belgian Sand
Alpaca Wool Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Brown
European Woven Brown
Flat Woven Brown
Italian Classic Brown
Ribbed Chenille Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Cream
Classic Chenille Brown
Plush Couture Brown
Vintage Belgian Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Espresso
Italian Classic Espresso
Yoli Cream
Ribbed Chenille Espresso
Turkish Blend Espresso
Classic Chenille Espresso
Flat Woven Espresso
Hero Espresso
Plush Couture Espresso
Tonic Espresso
Vintage Belgian Espresso
Alpaca Wool Gray
Classic Chenille Gray
European Woven Cream
Epic Gray
Epic Indigo
Interlude Gray
Legato Gray
Mystic Gray
Radiant Gray
Toray Ultrasuede® Gray
Yoli Gray
European Woven Gray
Italian Classic Gray
Italian Classic Cream
Ribbed Chenille Gray
Turkish Blend Gray
Flat Woven Gray
Hero Gray
Hero Indigo
Plush Couture Gray
Sonata Gray
Vintage Belgian Gray
Plush Couture Pebble
Alpaca Wool Charcoal
Interlude Charcoal
Radiant Charcoal
Toray Ultrasuede® Charcoal
European Woven Charcoal
Italian Classic Charcoal
Ribbed Chenille Charcoal
Turkish Blend Charcoal
Aura Pewter
Aura Taupe
Pax Chocolate
Pax Cream
Pax Pewter
Pax Smoke
Pax Taupe
Rey Chocolate
Rey Cream
Rey Granite
Rey Smoke
Rey Stone
Suede Life Cinnabar
Suede Life Dove Grey
Suede Life Espresso
Suede Life Fawn
Suede Life Flint
Suede Life Heathered Chocolate
Suede Life Heathered Flannel
Suede Life Heathered Olive
Suede Life Lapis
Suede Life Mahogany
Suede Life Pumice
Suede Life Seafoam
Suede Life Stone
Suede Life White
Vee Life Cappuccino
Vee Life Champagne
Vee Life Kiwi
Vee Life Mink
Vee Life Peat
Vee Life Pumice
Vee Life Red
Vee Life Stone
Aura Espresso
Aura Flint
Aura Natural
Bali Brandy BAI8006
Bali Butterscotch BAI8012
Bali Cream BAI8009
Bali Gravel BAI8007
Bali Marigold BAI8011
Bali Mocha
Bali Ocean BAI8008
Bali Red Hibiscus BAI8010
Bali Storm
Bison Ash BIS2002
Bison Black BIS0001
Bison Brown BIS0005
Bison Butterscotch BIS2011
Bison Charcoal BIS2003
Bison Deep Blue BIS2006
Bison Rouge BIS2005
Bison Tangerine BIS2007
Bison Tobacco BIS2004
Bison White
Bliss Butterscotch
Bliss Cafe
Bliss Cinnamon  BLI3009
Bliss Earl Grey
Bliss Ginger
Bliss Glaze
Bliss Licorice
Bliss Sangria  BLI3010
Bliss Slate
Bliss Vanilla Bean
Capri Branch  CRI5221
Capri Butterscotch CRI5224
Capri Onyx CRI5219
Capri Poppy CRI5222
Capri Russet CRI5220
Capri Sand Dollar CRI5216
Capri Shadow CRI5218
Capri Shoreline  CRI5223
Capri Sunrise CRI5225
Capri Thundercloud CRI5217
Capri White CRI5215
Dolce Black DOL6210
Dolce Caramel DOL6217
Dolce Chocolate DOL6213
Dolce Citrus DOL6219
Dolce Cognac DOL6214
Dolce Cream DOL6218
Dolce Gray DOL6211
Dolce Navy DOL6216
Dolce Pewter DOL6212
Dolce Red DOL6215
Elmosoft® Black Hills ES99999
Elmosoft® Cognac ES33001
Satori Black Truffle
Satori Clove SAT4007
Satori Creme Brulee
Satori Earl Grey
Satori French Press
Satori Honey SAT4011
Satori Red Pepper SAT4008
Satori Smoke SAT4010
Satori Spice SAT4009
Satori Midnight
Bali Onyx
Elmosoft® Everest ES00100
Bali Cloud
Haven Heritage Truffle HAV6010
Flagstaff Portobello
Flagstaff Java
Flagstaff S
Haven Heritage Champagne HAV6013
Haven Heritage Molasses HAv 6006
Flagstaff Sugar Cookie
Haven Heritage Butterscotch HAV6012
Flagstaff Marina
Elmosoft® India Ink ES71017
Haven Heritage Smoke HAV6007
Flagstaff Clamshell
Elmosoft® Tahitian Pearl ES11049
Elmosoft®  Espresso ES93129
Haven Heritage Coffee Bean HAV6004
Toray Ultrasuede® Ash
Toray Ultrasuede® Honey
Toray Ultrasuede® Mink
Toray Ultrasuede® Putty
Toray Ultrasuede® Sahara and Calming Classics Sand
Toray Ultrasuede Sand
Toray Ultrasuede® Wood
Toray Ultrasuede® Cement
Toray Ultrasuede® Mint
Toray Ultrasuede® Celadon
Toray Ultrasuede® Cornflower
Toray Ultrasuede® Marsala
Toray Ultrasuede® Bottle Green
Toray Ultrasuede® Aqua Marine
Toray Ultrasuede® Cobalt Blue
Toray Ultrasuede® Polar White
Toray Ultrasuede® Papyrus
Toray Ultrasuede® Bisque
Toray Ultrasuede® Nude
Toray Ultrasuede® Platinum
Toray Ultrasuede® Doe
Toray Ultrasuede® Sandstone
Toray Ultrasuede® Chamois
Toray Ultrasuede® Wheat
Toray Ultrasuede® Camel
Toray Ultrasuede® Desert Camel
Toray Ultrasuede® Deep French Grey
Toray Ultrasuede® French Grey
Toray Ultrasuede® Vanilla Custard
Toray Ultrasuede® Doeskin
Toray Ultrasuede® Mica
Toray Ultrasuede® Pebble
Toray Ultrasuede® Spice
Toray Ultrasuede® Ginger
Toray Ultrasuede® Chablis
Toray Ultrasuede® Peat
Toray Ultrasuede® Pewter
Toray Ultrasuede® Taupe
Toray Ultrasuede® Stone
Toray Ultrasuede® Fawn
Toray Ultrasuede® Aztec
Toray Ultrasuede® Maple Wood
Toray Ultrasuede® Elephant
Toray Ultrasuede® Beaver
Toray Ultrasuede® Almond
Toray Ultrasuede® Brownstone
Toray Ultrasuede® Hide
Toray Ultrasuede® Graphite
Toray Ultrasuede® Branch
Toray Ultrasuede® Teakwood
Toray Ultrasuede® Tapioca
Toray Ultrasuede® Cadet Grey
Toray Ultrasuede® Opaline
Toray Ultrasuede® Pink Ribbon
Toray Ultrasuede® Sunset
Toray Ultrasuede® Lime
Toray Ultrasuede® Mystic
Toray Ultrasuede® Horizon
Toray Ultrasuede® Hot Pink
Toray Ultrasuede® Sienna
Toray Ultrasuede® Champagne
Toray Ultrasuede® Citron
Toray Ultrasuede® Fern
Toray Ultrasuede® Malibu
Toray Ultrasuede® Wine
Toray Ultrasuede® Terracotta
Toray Ultrasuede® Sunshine
Toray Ultrasuede® Eucalyptus
Toray Ultrasuede® Moonstone
Toray Ultrasuede® Fog
Toray Ultrasuede® Orchid
Toray Ultrasuede® Orange
Toray Ultrasuede® Real Teal
Toray Ultrasuede® Marine Grey
Toray Ultrasuede® Periwinkle
Toray Ultrasuede® Amethyst
Toray Ultrasuede® Terra
Toray Ultrasuede® Robin
Toray Ultrasuede® Sage
Toray Ultrasuede® True Blue
Toray Ultrasuede® Slate Blue
Toray Ultrasuede® Steel Blue
Toray Ultrasuede® Red
Toray Ultrasuede® South Beach
Toray Ultrasuede® Moss
Toray Ultrasuede® Brittany
Toray Ultrasuede® Baltic
Toray Ultrasuede® Blush
Toray Ultrasuede® Ivory
Toray Ultrasuede® Regal Blue
Toray Ultrasuede® Shetland
Toray Ultrasuede® Indigo
Toray Ultrasuede® Mulberry
Toray Ultrasuede® Black Onyx
Sunbrella® Adaptation Indigo- ADA10166
Sunbrella® Fretwork Mist-FRE10168
Sunbrella® Fretwork Pewter- FRE10169
Sunbrella® Hybrid Sky-HYB10188
Sunbrella® Hybrid Smoke-HYB10189
Sunbrella® Integrated Indigo-INT10166
Sunbrella® Integrated Pewter-INT10164
Sunbrella® Integrated Steel- INT10185
Sunbrella® Loft Flax-LOF10174
Sunbrella® Loft Gray-LOF10165
Sunbrella® Loft Indigo- LOF10196
Sunbrella® Adaptation Linen- ADA10174
Sunbrella® Loft Pebble- LOF10142
Sunbrella® Loft White- LOF10180
Sunbrella® Pique Gravel- PIQ10162
Sunbrella® Pique Salt- PIQ10180
Sunbrella® Pique Sand- PIQ10187
Sunbrella® Pique Shale- PIQ10185
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Sahara- SAI10174
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Sailor- SAI10161
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Salt- SAI10180
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Seagull- SAI10192
Sunbrella® Adaptation Stone- ADA10165
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Shade- SAI10100
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Shadow- SAI10143
Sunbrella® Sailcloth Space- SAI10137
Sunbrella® Spotlight Ash- SPT10189
Sunbrella® Spotlight Indigo- SPT10146
Sunbrella® Spotlight Pebble- SPT10171
Sunbrella® Boss Tweede II Indigo- BOS10116
Sunbrella® Boss Tweede II Mink- BOS10127
Sunbrella® Boss Tweede II Pebble- BOS10139
Sunbrella® Boss Tweede II Salt- BOS10184
Sunbrella® Boss Tweede II Stone- BOS10163
Sunbrella® Fretwork Flax- FRE10164
Crypton® Velvet Charcoal
Crypton® Velvet Cream
Crypton® Velvet Crimson
Crypton® Velvet Espresso
Crypton® Velvet Gray
Crypton® Velvet Indigo
Crypton® Velvet Sky
Crypton® Apollo Flint
Crypton® Athena Natural- ATN08025
Crypton® Athena Pearl- ATN08108
Crypton® Athena Pewter- ATN08028
Crypton® Max Flint
Crypton® Max Mahogany
Crypton® Max Scarlet
Crypton® Max Smoke
Crypton® Max Stone
Crypton® Calliope Burlap- CLP08183
Crypton® Calliope Flannel- CLP08056
Crypton® Apollo Mahogany
Crypton® Calliope Ivory- CLP08079
Crypton® Calliope Mushroom- CLP08185
Crypton® Zander Charcoal
Crypton® Calliope Nickel- CLP08188
Crypton® Zander Chocolate
Crypton® Hera Ivory- HRA08079
Crypton® Zander Cream
Crypton® Hera Natural- HRA08025
Crypton® Zander Pewter
Crypton® Hera Pewter- HRA08028
Crypton® Zander Stone
Crypton® Apollo Natural
Crypton® Apollo Navy
Crypton® Apollo Scarlett
Crypton® Apollo Winter- APL08165
Crypton® Atlas Cocoa
Crypton® Artemis Snow- ART08100
Crypton® Atlas Granite
Crypton® Artemis Stone- ART08140
Crypton® Atlas Navy
Screen color may vary. See dealer for swatch.
Milo’s perfectly proportioned track arm and plush seating make it a top choice for cozy, contemporary spaces.

Choose between stunning Natural Walnut or Gray ash wood legs or a modern polished stainless steel sled leg. 


  • Advanced unidirectional suspension system
  • Premium high-density, high-resiliency foam seats
  • Quick ship delivery
  • Lifetime warranty on frame & suspension
  • Loose back and seat cushions
  • Single-needle top stitching
  • Polished stainless steel metal leg


  • Contrasting back and seat cushions
  • Wood legs available in Natural Walnut or Gray Ash