built to last

Every wood part in our frames is precision cut to 004".


Durable Frames

The timeless beauty of our furniture is equaled only by the long-lasting durability of our frames. And we stand behind this with a lifetime warranty on every frame. All wood parts are precision cut to .004" using our sophisticated Computer Numeric Control machines. Precision cutting ensures all wood parts fit together using a notched interlocking system, resulting in the strongest frame available. All joints are double-secured to ensure integrity of the bond and to give the frame enduring strength and stability. In addition, open areas within the frame are fully covered with structured material to improve overall sturdiness and prevent unsightly cavities and sagging underneath the upholstery.

Unidirectional Webbed Suspension Seating

Comfort and long-term support are essential to every piece we make. Our unidirectional webbed suspension seating is a proven system for creating a smooth, stable seat with supreme support. It also allows us to create beautiful, continuous design lines and increases the life of your cushions.


Finishing touches are made by hand, with attention to every detail.


We create our cushions with a highly perfected recipe of down and foam. Each cushion mix is developed specifically for ideal comfort on its respective frame to create a welcoming softness. High-resiliency, high-density, multi-dimensional foam provides a firm foundation, while down masterfully creates optimal softness and comfort.
Clean lines are made possible using European upholstery methods. 

European Upholstery

We are one of the only U.S. manufacturers utilizing the European upholstery method to create the cleanest, most tailored lines possible. Often referred to as “sock-on” upholstery, it allows the same type of meticulous detailing found in custom-tailored clothing and can be compared to creating a jacket for the furniture. Covers are designed for precision and sewn as one complete piece to ensure an impeccable fit.