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Every frame we make is available in premium quality, top grain leather. Our magnificent hides are carefully selected from the top 10% worldwide. Find the color you love and the type of leather that fits your lifestyle: Light Protection, Medium Protection, or Heavy Protection.


Elmo Soft | Slate
Elmo Soft | Slate
Elmo Soft | Silver
Elmo Soft | Silver
Elmo Soft | Stone Chapel
Elmo Soft | Stone …
Elmo Soft | Puritan Gray
Elmo Soft | Purita…
Elmo Soft | Medium Grey
Elmo Soft | Medium…
Elmo Soft | Grey Seal
Elmo Soft | Grey S…
Elmo Soft | Gunmetal
Elmo Soft | Gunmet…
Elmo Soft | India Ink
Elmo Soft | India …
Elmo Soft | Fog
Elmo Soft | Fog
Elmo Soft | Dim Gray
Elmo Soft | Dim Gr…
Ellis | Grey
Ellis | Grey
Ellis | Horizon
Ellis | Horizon
Cottswald | Grey
Cottswald | Grey
Mont Blanc | Limestone
Mont Blanc | Limes…
Mont Blanc | Granite
Mont Blanc | Grani…
Mont Blanc | Clamshell
Mont Blanc | Clams…

Upholstery Care & Cleaning

Leather will last for decades with the proper care and cleaning. In addition to this guide, refer to the care instructions that are provided with your furniture.

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