Light Protection Leather

The softest and most supple of our leathers, these exceptionally natural, full top-grain, full-aniline hides often have “character marks” on the surface, giving each its own unique look and feel. The natural scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and subtle shading variations are part of each hide’s inherent beauty. They age beautifully and develop a soft patina over time. And like many of the finer things in life, these lightly protected leathers require moderate attention to maintain their beauty over time.

Screen color may vary.
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Bliss Butterscotch
Bliss Cafe
Bliss Cinnamon
Bliss Earl Grey
Bliss Ginger
Bliss Glaze
Bliss Licorice
Bliss Sangria
Bliss Slate
Bliss Vanilla Bean


This exquisite, full top-grain leather boasts Italian leather tanning artistry of the highest quality, handed down for generations. Minimal protection is applied to preserve the inherent hallmarks of beauty that are evident in a natural leather. The graining is very subtle and smooth, with exceptional softness that will only get richer with age.
Screen color may vary.
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Satori Black Truffle
Satori Clove
Satori Creme Brulee
Satori Earl Grey
Satori French Press
Satori Honey
Satori Red Pepper
Satori Smoke
Satori Spice
Satori Midnight


Discovered in Italy, only the top 10% of quality hides can be used for this soft leather. This full top-grain leather has a light level of protection to beautifully enhance its natural markings and characteristics. Combining incredible softness with a full-bodied plump graining, Satori will only get more luxurious over time.
Screen color may vary.
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Haven Heritage Truffle
Haven Heritage Champagne
Haven Heritage Molasses
Haven Heritage Butterscotch
Haven Heritage Smoke
Haven Heritage Coffee Bean


With its amazing depth of color, beautiful natural finish and light, subtle sheen, Haven is an exceptional choice for almost any décor. Haven is a full top-grain, aniline-dyed leather artistically enhanced with wax and oils to bring out its suppleness and sheen. A light protective finish enhances its wearability.
Screen color may vary.
See dealer for swatch.
Flagstaff Portobello
Flagstaff Java
Flagstaff S
Flagstaff Sugar Cookie
Flagstaff Marina
Flagstaff Clamshell



A beautifully unique option, Flagstaff is a full top-grain leather, which is aniline-dyed with a burnished wax finish. The hides are tumbled to produce a distinctive, almost distressed, appearance. Flagstaff has a firm, waxy hand and exceptional depth of color. 



Our selection of premium leathers are second to none.

Colors, Patterns and Textures, Oh Yes.

Unleash your inner decorator with American Leather's cover options. Our incredible selection is as smart as it is luxurious, ranging from classic to trendy.


Choose from hundreds of color and texture options, from family-friendly microfibers to beautiful chenilles, or natural classics to nubby layered wovens.


Available on every style, our premium quality, top grain leathers come in colors you love and leather types that fit your lifestyle: Lightly Protected, Medium Protected, and Heavily Protected.


Available on every style, Ultrasuede is a luxurious, durable microfiber made to look and feel like suede.


Founded on the belief that textiles should be functional, exceptionally beautiful, and soft to the touch. Sunbrella® is easy to maintain and retains its beauty for years with simple soap-and-water cleaning.


A high-performance, easy-to-clean fabric that ensures resilience while the beautiful designs provide classic sophistication.

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