Comfort Sleeper

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Plush Couture Cream
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Woven Boucle Wasabi
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Alpaca Wool Beige
Gus Peacock
Toray Ultrasuede® Beige
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Prism Lemoncello
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Ribbed Chenille Beige
Vintage Belgian Lemoncello
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Zeus Lemoncello
Toray Ultrasuede® Cream
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Lexi Tangerine
Flat Woven Beige
Woven Boucle Tangerine
Vintage Belgian Beige
Alpaca Wool Sand
Windsor Tangerine
European Woven Sand
Windsor Pink
Jackson Pink
European Woven Pink
Italian Classic Sand
European Woven Cream
Gus Pink
Ribbed Chenille Sand
Turkish Blend Sand
Uptown Espresso
Gus Charcoal
Woven Boucle Sand
Classic Chenille Sand
Flat Woven Sand
Lexi Espresso
Windsor Gray
Vintage Belgian Sand
Alpaca Wool Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Brown
European Woven Brown
Gus Espresso
Luxury Chenille Brown
Italian Classic Brown
Ribbed Chenille Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Charcoal
Turkish Blend Brown
Woven Boucle Brown
Classic Chenille Brown
Flat Woven Brown
Plush Couture Brown
Toray Ultrasuede® Espresso
Vintage Belgian Brown
Alpaca Wool Espresso
Italian Classic Cream
European Woven Espresso
Luxury Chenille Espresso
Italian Classic Espresso
Ribbed Chenille Espresso
Turkish Blend Espresso
Woven Boucle Espresso
Classic Chenille Espresso
Flat Woven Espresso
Plush Couture Espresso
Italian Classic Peacock
Ribbed Chenille Cream
Vintage Belgian Espresso
Alpaca Wool Gray
Toray Ultrasuede® Gray
European Woven Gray
Luxury Chenille Gray
Italian Classic Gray
Ribbed Chenille Gray
Turkish Blend Gray
Woven Boucle Gray
Classic Chenille Gray
Turkish Blend Cream
Flat Woven Gray
Plush Couture Gray
Vintage Belgian Gray
Alpaca Wool Charcoal
European Woven Charcoal
Luxury Chenille Charcoal
Italian Classic Charcoal
Ribbed Chenille Charcoal
Turkish Blend Charcoal
Uptown Peacock
Woven Boucle Cream
Woven Boucle Charcoal
Classic Chenille Charcoal
Flat Woven Charcoal
Plush Couture  Charcoal
Vintage Belgian Charcoal
Classic Chenille Cream
Jackson Peacock
Apollo Flint
Leto Charcoal
Max Flint
Max Mahogany
Max Scarlet
Max Smoke
Max Stone
Leto Natural
Leto Scarlett
Leto Spiced Cider
Apollo Mahogany
Leto Taupe
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Zander Stone
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Titan Smoke
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Vee Life Mink
Vee Life Peat
Vee Life Pumice
Vee Life Red
Vee Life Stone
Adams Mulberry
Adams Teal
Aura Espresso
Aura Flint
Aura Natural
Bali Brandy BAI8006
Bali Butterscotch BAI8012
Bali Cream BAI8009
Bali Gravel BAI8007
Bali Marigold BAI8011
Bali Mocha
Bali Ocean BAI8008
Bali Red Hibiscus BAI8010
Bali Storm
Bison Ash BIS2002
Bison Black BIS0001
Bison Brown BIS0005
Bison Butterscotch BIS2011
Bison Charcoal BIS2003
Bison Deep Blue BIS2006
Bison Rouge BIS2005
Bison Tangerine BIS2007
Bison Tobacco BIS2004
Bison White
Bliss Butterscotch
Bliss Cafe
Bliss Cinnamon  BLI3009
Bliss Earl Grey
Bliss Ginger
Bliss Glaze
Bliss Licorice
Bliss Sangria  BLI3010
Bliss Slate
Bliss Vanilla Bean
Capri Branch  CRI5221
Capri Butterscotch CRI5224
Capri Onyx CRI5219
Capri Poppy CRI5222
Capri Russet CRI5220
Capri Sand Dollar CRI5216
Capri Shadow CRI5218
Capri Shoreline  CRI5223
Capri Sunrise CRI5225
Capri Thundercloud CRI5217
Capri White CRI5215
Dolce Black DOL6210
Dolce Caramel DOL6217
Dolce Chocolate DOL6213
Dolce Citrus DOL6219
Dolce Cognac DOL6214
Dolce Cream DOL6218
Dolce Gray DOL6211
Dolce Navy DOL6216
Dolce Pewter DOL6212
Dolce Red DOL6215
Elmosoft® Black Hills ES99999
Elmosoft® Cognac ES33001
Satori Black Truffle
Satori Clove SAT4007
Satori Creme Brulee
Satori Earl Grey
Satori French Press
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Satori Red Pepper SAT4008
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Satori Midnight
Bali Onyx
Elmosoft® Everest ES00100
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Haven Heritage Truffle HAV6010
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Flagstaff S
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Flagstaff Clamshell
Elmosoft® Tahitian Pearl ES11049
Elmosoft®  Espresso ES93129
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Screen color may vary. See dealer for swatch.
With classic styling compatible with any décor, the Gina is a pleasant addition to any room, capable of blending in or sticking out, depending on the cover you choose. Like any Comfort Sleeper, Gina is great for sitting and even better for sleeping. In addition to seven bed sizes, we have all the matching stationary and sectional pieces you need to resolve all your sitting and sleeping needs. Perfect for small spaces, Comfort Sleepers feature more sleep space in less floor space, and each of our sleepers can be disassembled easily to get through narrow hallways and doorways. The Comfort Sleeper’s unique design, featuring the Tiffany 24/7™ platform system, delivers amazing comfort both day and night.


Patented tri-fold Tiffany 24/7 sleeper mechanism:
*All beds 80 inches long *No bars, no springs, no sagging
*Ultimate comfort on five-inch foam mattress over firm and flat platform
*Space-saving engineering requires less floor space than conventional sleep-sofa
*Easy disassembly for tight doors and corners (technician recommended)
Seats: Premium high-density, high-resiliency foam
Backs: Channeled chambers filled with luxurious blown fiber
Double-needle top-stitched seams
Welt cord trim on arms Loose back and seat cushions
Lifetime warranty on frames and suspensions; 10 years for mechanism; 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship for all other elements.

Custom luxury to your home in about 30 days. Expertly crafted in Dallas, Texas.


Each piece can be customized with any fabric, leather or customer's own material.
Bed sizes from Cot to King
Three mattress options: Premier foam, softer Gel, and Tempur-Pedic
Two-tone: Contrasting back and seat cushions may be specified.
Unlimited sectionals with sleepers
Optional Extra Firm seat cushion
Leg options: Wood legs in Acorn, Espresso or Walnut finish
Ottoman casters available no charge

Early Bird Delivery, 20 days in the home, is an option at participating retailers.