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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Care & Cleaning of Leather
A: Beyond an occasional vacuuming of crevices, we recommend applying a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months.  This will help your leather piece maintain its own natural oils, keeping it soft and supple for many, many years.  We suggest leather care and cleaning products from the manufacturer, Leather Magic (800.232.4092).  Before you call, take a look at the labeled swatch sample located under the left seat cushion or on some pieces, this swatch is located on the underneath side of the frame. This swatch will tell you the name of the leather grade and color. This will help Leather Magic match their best products to your leather type.

Q:  Care and Cleaning of Ultrasuede®

A:   Visit our partners at Ultrasuede® for the latest information on care and cleaning.

Q: Care & Cleaning of Microfiber

A: Maintaining our microfiber fabric isn't hard at all. Because microfiber fabrics are inherently stain resistant, there's no reason to worry about possible spills. Microfibers are so small and tightly packed that liquids will simply run off the fabric, literally like water off a duck's back. And, since the fibers are so thin (thinner than a human hair), more determined spills don't have very far to seep. They can easily be lifted out with mild soap and water. 
If you do spill something that actually sticks, Crypton makes a great line of upholstery cleaning care products that work well to remove stains. 

Q: Do you sell direct?

A: We’re a manufacturer so we do not sell direct to consumers.

Q: How to remove leather scratches?
A: You may find success by using a chamois or clean fingers to gently buff minor or slight scratches on the surface. If needed, moisten lightly with distilled water to work scratches out. The regular application of a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months will help your leather maintain its own natural oils.  This prevents drying, reducing your leather's susceptibility to scratching.

Q: Which sleeper is best for delivery through narrow spaces?
A: The Nathan or Kingsley Comfort Sleepers™ are a great choice because their arms are very narrow. All sofas are delivered fully assembled - however, if you need, you can always remove legs and cushions for several inches of additional clearance.  And, the sofa back can be removed as well to allow for an extra 1”-2”. Of course, if that’s not enough, the back sleeper section can also be removed - the remaining section with arms can then be turned sideways to measure 23" (less if you remove the legs).  For information about disassembling the V 3 Comfort Sleeper (with tan mattress ticking) click here.  For information about disassembling the V 5 Comfort Sleeper (with white Crypton mattress ticking) click here. The process is very simple and, done correctly, will not void your warranty in any way.

Q: Where do I find sleeper sheets?
A: 300ct Certified Organic Cotton sheets can be purchased from Gotcha Covered.  They offer all sizes from Cot to King, including Queen Plus.  Visit your local American Leather retailer or the Gotcha Covered website for more information. 

Q: Down or Foam – which is best?
A: Down-top cushions tend to produce a more casual look that is appealing to some of our customers; whereas, our standard foam construction is slightly more formal, a desired look for others.  Our down top cushions are the finest quality available, utilizing an internal baffle construction and a 100 percent natural cotton cover.  And, while down top does provide that comfortable "sink in" feeling, they characteristically have that appearance as well.
Our foam cushions are constructed from the finest quality high density, high resiliency foam product. You won't find that with other manufacturers that just offer high density, or even conventional foam.  As a high resiliency foam, this product has undergone an added treatment during its processing, which prevents breakdown, lasting up to 3 times longer than most.
Q: Which leather should I buy?
A:  See our section on leather for the differences in our grades.

Q: How can I find the price of one your products?

A:  It’s best to find a retail store near you with our retail locator.  They will be happy to help.

Q: Can my decorator purchase direct?
A: We do offer have excellent Designer Program, that is quick and easy to establish. Ask the firm you are working with to email us.