Craftsmanship Speed + Quality

American Ingenuity

American Leather is the nation's only leather furniture maker to utilize computerized, automated cutting systems in both leather and wood-part fabrication. Leather and wood parts are cut to within 4/1000th of an inch, resulting in exceptional accuracy and consistency.

An advanced automated leather cutting system from Cutting Edge™ uses video cameras and lasers to scan hides, identify flaws, then nest and cut leather parts.

Our latest technology has allowed us to replace our entire pattern inventory and eliminate the very labor intensive hand-cutting process. Our machinery provides superior accuracy and reliability over other methods. It has proven five times more efficient than hand-cutting.

American Leather was also one of the first companies to adapt cellular manufacturing techniques for upholstered furniture. Workers involved in virtually every aspect of production are grouped into "mini" factories. Sewers, framers, and upholsterers all work as a team to produce an individual piece of furniture. This improves communication and awareness, which results in superior product quality.