Craftsmanship Speed + Quality

Furniture built to last

Hard wood frames

We care about the long-lasting durability of our furniture. Many of our frames are made using hard wood that has been kiln dried for extra toughness.  Craftsman laser cut the pieces into precise shapes that they forge together into a piece of furniture.
Unidirectional webbed suspension seating
High resiliency, high density foam

Comfort and long-term support is essential in every piece we make. We’ve chosen unidirectional webbed suspension seating as the best choice to pair with high resiliency, high density foam cushions.  Studies show webbed suspension increases the life of these highest quality cushions.  The combination creates a beautiful continuous design line and a buoyant firmness.

Eight-way hand tie suspension

Many of our pieces offer traditional eight-way hand-tied suspension as an option. Single coil springs are attached with links and then "hand tied" to each other and the frame to achieve superior elasticity in the seat.  Best used with down cushions, this kind of luxury suspension is supported by reinforced double-doweled hardwood.


We create our cushions with a highly perfected recipe of foam or down.  Each cushion mix is chosen specifically for the best comfort on each frame to create a welcoming softness. Down cushions tend to be softer and rounder, which tends to give a piece a more casual look.  High resiliency, high density foam offers more structure and firmness.   We also offer extra firm foam on many of our pieces.